In its ongoing battle with Xero over mobile software turf, Intuit has announced updates to its QuickBooks app to benefit self-employed workers and some key partnerships.

Battling for the “gig economy,” which includes ride-sharing drivers, food deliverers and pet-walkers, Intuit has upped the ante by unveiling revamps for its QuickBooks Self-Employed version. The changes are aimed at making life more manageable for self-employed individuals and staying in front of Xero.QB_IntuitLogo_Horiz_RGB

The QuickBooks changes include:

  • Mileage tracking: Many workers in the on-demand economy use their mobile telephone as their lifeline between themselves and gigs. QBSE now offers automatic mileage tracking for both its web and mobile apps. Previously workers had to manually enter information on work mileage. The new feature automatically tracks every trip. Users just need to swipe to see earned deductions. With the IRS needing documentation of business and personal trips, the app provides that needed information. Intuit claims that QBSE has already helped users track more than 40 million miles, helping them reach more than $23 million in tax savings.
  • Partnerships: While both Xero and Intuit expect growth through partnerships, Intuit is inking more meaningful deals. Intuit has already set up deals with on-demand service providers and talent marketplaces. It is adding to those partnerships by linking up with eBay, Kelly Services, the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals, Moonlighting, FlexJobs and The partners point to the QuickBooks app making life easier for free-lance workers.

“With more than 75,000 free-lancers moonlighting on our platform each month, it is imperative that we bring them a best-in-class financial solution,” Jeff Tennery, founder and CEO of Moonlighting, a nationwide mobile marketplace for people seeking short-term work, told Computerworld. “Moonlighting is excited to promote QuickBooks’ Self-Employed solution and help our users better organize their free-lance income.”

A representative for Kelly Services said teaming with QuickBooks would help to simplify its temps’ management of business practices.

“As a global workforce solutions provider, our talent supply chain management strategy includes leveraging key talent across all labor categories, including the self-employed,” said Leslie Stone, independent contract solutions global consultant for Kelly Services.

FlexJobs’ CEO said there are more free-lancers and self-employed individuals than ever because of the growth and variety of jobs available as on-demand positions.

“However, it is not generally easy to navigate the tax and accounting details required of free-lance work and self-employment, and so we’re thrilled to partner with QuickBooks Self-Employed to educate job seekers, free-lancers, the self-employed and all professionals about their options and responsibilities in the new economy.”

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