As small-business owners try to squeeze productivity out of each second of the workday, QuickBooks Online and its related apps are becoming increasingly popular.

Creating estimates and turning them into invoices, logging hours and billing clients for your time, staying on top of expenses, and keeping records for tax season all are possible through quickbooks_online_iphone_best_apps_screensQuickBooks Online. The cloud-based accounting software developed by Intuit, can assist with all those business tasks.

QuickBooks Online provides one central location for all the frequent financial tasks required in your small business. Intuit now offers an app that syncs Mac computers to QuickBooks data in the cloud, enabling business owners to get their financial information without having to access a browser first.

Company officials note that there are also a few things that you can only achieve through the app. The company contends the app:

  • Runs faster than a browser –- It offers a one-click login when put as an icon.
  • Lets you stay signed in – While the website will sign you off after a time of inactivity, the app will stay signed in indefinitely.
  • Has faster page loads – Clicking on the app’s navigation bar allows you to access information faster than through a browser window.
  • Easily opens multiple windows — The app allows you to work in several windows at once by dragging and dropping them. You can even move windows across monitors. Changes made to information inside one window are automatically updated in other windows.
  • Enables you to work faster with Mac shortcuts – Things can be accomplished with the app in fewer keystrokes.
  • Provides access to more apps to manage your small business on the go – You can run QuickBooks online faster through the app than a browser. There are QuickBooks apps for iPhones, iPads and Android phones provided with a QuickBooks Online subscription.

Dan Wernikoff, president and general manager of Intuit’s Small Business Financial Solutions Group, said that the apps are aimed at the firm building an open ecosystem. He said the Mac app is an example of the company continuing to streamline processes.

“Small-business owners who use a Mac can now access the power of the QuickBooks Online ecosystem while working with the operating system they know and love,” Wernikoff said. “This is another example of how we’ve turned QuickBooks into an open ecosystem of business management solutions that can be accessed from any device.”

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