Intuit’s QuickBooks has made it easier for users involved with multiple companies to get their firms’ financial information.

The QuickBooks Android app shortens the number of steps that individuals need to take in order to go between multiple financial records. The accounting software company has announced that it has taken action to make it easier for firms with multiple company subscriptions to QuickBooks Online to go back and forth between financial information.quickbooks-mac-app-01-100313302-large(1)

Three steps are all it takes to go between the QuickBooks financial information for company properties, according to Intuit’s instructions:

  • Open the menu.
  • Tap your company to see the list of firms under the same umbrella.
  • Select a different firm.

Just that quickly, you can be in your other company’s financial books. In addition to the quick transition between companies, Intuit has also updated QuickBooks security features and added other improvements as part of the revised app.

Some experts see the changes to the QuickBooks Android app as an effort to boost QuickBooks Online’s subscription growth rate. The firm’s subscription growth rate has dipped for the past three quarters, even though QuickBooks Online earned more than anticipated in revenue during the latest quarter.

Crawford Del Prete of International Data Corp. told CNBC, “They had a great quarter. My bet is that there’s skepticism that demand can continue without the seasonal strength that tax season represents.”

Wall Street analyst Brad Reback of Stifel Nicolaus had similar feeling, noting “it only gets harder from here” as the QuickBooks Online subscriber base flattens out.

Intuit also continues to partner with accounting firms like Sansone Accounting & Tax to reach small businesses and help them “adopt today’s online technologies and streamline processes to fuel their success,” said Jim McGinnis, vice president and leader of Intuit’s Accountant Segment.

McGinnis said QuickBooks Online and firms like Sansone can help “move small-business clients online and help build their planned online accounting platform offering.”


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