Congress passed some laws that changed the federal tax code, starting in Jan. 2012.  All American taxpayers should research these laws, well and/or hire a good C.P.A., to ensure that they obey the laws.
The estate tax, gift tax, and generation-skipping transfer tax exemptions were indexed to inflation.  In 2011, the exemption was $5 million.  In 2012, the exemption is $5.12 million.
This year, there was a large decrease in how much of the total cost of new equipment, including computers, machinery, and vehicles, a business can deduct.  Last year, businesses could deduct up to $500,000, for that purpose.  Starting this year, the limit is $125,000.
Some businesses don’t report all of their income, so Congress passed a law to help the IRS help catch those businesses.  Starting in 2012, the IRS will require credit card processing companies and third-party payment services, including PayPal, to report how much money they handle for other companies.  This law affects businesses who process more than $20,000, in sales, in the same year, and have more than 200 transactions.
To ensure that taxpayers obey all tax laws, more of them should hire a C.P.A., if the taxpayer finds a well-qualified C.P.A., in an appropriate price range.

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